Entertainment moves ashore on windless day 3 at RS:X Youth World Championships
During the first two days of racing at the RS:X Youth World Championship, St. Petersburg, Neva Bay provided a range of testing conditions from 20 knots down to 5 knots. However, on day 3, the wind proved to be too fickle and the 104 competitors from 19 countries were forced to enjoy the shoreside activities instead.

Out on Neva Bay, the race committee struggled to with a light 2-3knot fluctuating breeze that they were convinced would not provide fair racing. The RS:X is a versatile class and has run successful racing in 3 knots before, but if the wind constantly changes direction, the racing becomes unfair.

However, whilst the event organizers could not control the weather, they had very much anticipated having to entertain a large number of athletes and coaches ashore. So instead the windsurfers did not get bored and rather had fun on the beach. Different types of entertainment were available – beach volleyball and football, chatting with friends, sunbathing, swimming and various challenges that the windsurfers threw down to each other. The race village is encamped ashore near the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

"We have a volleyball field on the beach. You can play volleyball, soccer or have fun in the racing village", says Andrei Spiridonov, a windsurfer from the Academy of Sailing of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg. "Everything is very cool – we shoot challenges there, have a good time and make contacts with racers from other countries so that we can meet around the world. The French racers are very cool in performing bottle-throwing challenges. The Omanis play volleyball as if they are preparing for the World Cup."

On their free day, the Omanis really created a furor on the volleyball court. The windsurfers explained their superiority in volleyball. "We are used to playing volleyball in our homeland," says Mohammed Nabil Al Balush. "In Oman, we keep a fast during the holy month of Ramadan, and we are forbidden to perform any physical activity before sunset. At night we play volleyball, not football because that volleyball doesn't need lighting, gates and special markings. It's a more affordable sport."

Due to the lack of races, the situation in the rankings has not changed. In the men's rankings, Israeli Eyal Yohay Zror (10 points) retains the lead. Following him is his compatriot Daniel Basik Tashtash (13 points). Among the girls, the French woman Manon Pianazza (14 points) leads, the second and third place are the Israeli women Naama Greenberg and Linoy Geva (both 17).
The organizational information
At the RS:X Youth World Championships, six qualifying races have been held so far. The organizers plan to hold another four to five final and one medal race. 104 racers from 19 countries divided into three fleets – two fleets for men (35 and 34 racers) and one for women (35). During the qualification, the composition of the two male fleets was shuffled at random. At the end of the qualification, the best 35 windsurfers made up the gold fleet, and the rest – the silver one.
Competitions' programme
August 9 - 11:00 start of the first race of the competitions' day

August 10 - 11:00 start of the first race of the competitions' day, 18:30 awarding ceremony of the regatta, closing ceremony of the regatta

Additional information
From 6 to 10 August the RS:X Youth World Championships will be held in St. Petersburg for the first time. The RS:X windsurfing class was specially designed for the Olympic Games and is now a top-quality technical achievement in windsurfing. The first competitions in this class were included in the Olympics' programme in 2008 and since then they have taken a special place in the hearts of the sailing sports' admirers.

The racing spot for the World Championship is the Park of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg. The best young athletes from around the world are taking part in the regatta. In addition to racing, spectators will enjoy a shore-based entertainment programme.

The last successful performance of the Russian Olympians was exactly in the RS:X class: at the 2016 Olympics, Stefania Elfutina won the bronze. Carrying the RS:X Youth World Championship will be another step in the preparation for St. Petersburg to host the Olympic Games in the future.

The official website of the competitions: www.rsxclass.org/youthworlds2019/
The Charity Regatta "Sails of Hope"
On August 9-10, the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg will hold a charity regatta "Sails of Hope". The competitions will be held as part of the RS:X Youth World Championships. All entry fees of the participants will be transferred to the AdVita fund.

The purpose of this regatta is to collect at least 1 million rubles during the period of the charity event. The yacht club will donate this amount to the AdVita charity fund, which has been helping people with cancer for many years. The upcoming charity regatta will be the first in the history of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club. Its main task is to draw the attention of the sailing community to charity issues.

The Races will be held in five classes – windsurfing class "Techno" and "DNK", kitesurfing, "Optimist" and "Laser". Anyone can take part in the charity regatta. For participation, it is enough to register on the website http://rsx.spbyc.ru/ru/charity. For adults, the entry fee is 1000 rubles, for kids under 18 years – 500 rubles.

"Our projects attract thousands of people all over the world – of different ages, nationalities, social status," says Elena Solovyova, Project Manager of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club. "The purpose of the charity regatta is to draw the attention of the sailing community to the problems of other people. In addition, the charity was an integral part of the work of Russian yacht clubs in the period from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. We have not forgotten this tradition and we will develop it."

Competition Program:

August 9 - 10:00 - 12:00 - registration for participants (information desk of the World Cup in RS:X class on the beach of St. Petersburg 300th Anniversary Park)

12:00 – opening ceremony (the stage on the beach of the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg)

13:00 - 18:00 – races in the classes "Optimist", "Ray" and "Laser" of all modifications (the water area near the beach of 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg)

August 10 - 10:00 - 12:00 - registration for participants (information desk of the World Cup in RS:X class on the beach of St. Petersburg 300th Anniversary Park)

12:30 - 17:30 – races in the Techno and DNK classes, kiteboarding (the water area near the beach of 300th anniversary Park of St. Petersburg)

Official website: http://rsx.spbyc.ru/ru/charity
Family Festival "Under the Sail"
During the RS:X Youth World Championships, the St. Petersburg Yacht Club is preparing an extensive coastal program. Together with the rope park "High-rise city" we hold a family festival "Under the Sail".

Time: August 9-10, 12.00 – 20.00.

Location: the beach of the Park 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg

Admission is free by pre-registration on the website: http://rsx.spbyc.ru/ru/family-festival

Among the activities of the festival are classes in a rope cube and at an artificial climbing wall, archery, tank battle, game master classes in English and the relay race at SUP-surfing. Visitors will be able to learn windsurfing on a special simulator, as well as play beach tennis and feel like a sailor of Peter's epoch, having learned the basics of rigging.

Both days, guests of the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg will enjoy cheerleading, taekwondo, fashion shows, vocal, dance and theater performances, a chemical show and a soap bubble show on stage.

The organizers also prepared 20 quest tasks that are designed for speed, strength, endurance, and sagacity. To participate, you need a charged smartphone with Internet access. And after all the trials, each participant will receive a gift. The quest is suitable for both adults and kids from three years old.