Yana Reznikova: "The World Windsurfing Championships is a big step for Russian sport"
The Windsurfing Youth World Championship in RS:X class will be held in St. Petersburg from 4 to 10 August. The RS:X class was developed specifically for the Olympics and has been a part of the Games since 2008.

The fifteen-year-old athlete – Yana Reznikova is the best hope of the national windsurfing. In 2018, she won the bronze at the Youth Olympic Games and has already become the second in the World Sailing Championships this season. She is one of the main favourites of the coming regatta in St. Petersburg. In anticipation of The Youth World Championship in RS:X class, Yana told us about her preparations, competing for gold and cultural programme in Saint Petersburg.

At the World Sailing Championships in Gdynia, you conceded first place to Israeli Linoy Geva. Are you going to gain revenge in St. Petersburg?
Of course, there is always a chance. I train in St. Petersburg quite often, thus I have an advantage over her, but it's not my usual waters anyway. Our competition at the World Sailing Championship was very exciting. Linoy outperforms me on some parameters. It will be interesting to see my results in St. Petersburg. It's important to consider the weather here, to choose the right tactics and to understand which side is more preferable. In Gdynia, I gained valuable experience and worked on my errors. I'm ready to show the highest results at the Windsurfing Youth Sailing Championships.
For the first time, the Youth World Sailing Championship will be hosted in Russia. What does that mean for you?
I was so glad when I heard about it. It's a great step for Russian sport. I hope, it's not the last world-class competition, which will be held in our country.
RS:X is an Olympic sailing class. Are you planning to participate in the Games?

I've already made mistakes with setting goals and I try not to do it as from now. Every time I start competing from scratch and I always strive to the best result. I'm not thinking about the coming season right now. RS:X is a new class for me. I started sailing it this spring and I haven't made the most of it yet.
How difficult was this transition to RS:X for you?
RS:X is an adult class, you need good physical training for it. That's the main difficulty. I should have learned to control the bigger, heavier board and the bigger sail.
What is your preparation plan for the Youth World Championships?
I arrived in St. Petersburg five days ago. I have two microcycles for four days preplanned. I've already done the first four and now I'm dropping the speed, starting to rest and gathering strength for the competition.
You present Moscow at the Worlds Championships. Tell about your team and coaches.

Now we have quite a big team. Two years ago there were only three to four team members, but we are constantly growing in quantity, more and more people want to be professional windsurfers.

Two brilliant coaches are working with me – Tatyana Zhuravleva and Boris Minaev. We are continually communicating with each other and preparing. Thanks to this I perform well.
Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. What sights are you planning to visit at your spare time?
I'm ashamed to say, I'm not well-acquainted with the city. I hope the local guys will have the time to show it to me. I'm going to know it better while I'm here participating in the World Championships.