Lufthansa and Aeroflot airlines are ready to take your equipment on board!
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How to bring equipment with you to St. Petersburg?
We conducted a survey among airlines and we hasten to inform you that Lufthansa Airlines and Aeroflot are ready to take on your equipment: board, sail, etc.
We sent requests for transportation of RS:X equipment (boards, sails, etc.) to several airlines: Turkish Airlines, SAS, Finnair, Qatar, KLM, Emirates, Air France and Swiss Airlines. Unfortunately, these airlines responded that they could not take non-standard luggage on board.

Airline S7 replied that their planes can accept such baggage, but sailors have to ask about it before booking flight.

How to bring equipment (board, sail, etc.) with Aeroflot airlines step by step:
1. Go to the site of Aeroflot, and select the nearest departure city to you in the route list
2. Call the Aeroflot hotline ( to book a ticket from that nearest city to St. Petersburg (24 hours without pay) and tell the operator that you have overweight and oversized baggage. Please, tell the operator the size of your equipment.
3. The next day (but not more than 24 hours later) call the hotline number again and receive a confirmation of a reservation for you and your equipment on the Aeroflot flight.
4. Enjoy your flight. We are waiting for you in the championship RS:X 2019 in St.-Petersburg.

Act in a similar way to bring your equipment with Lufthansa airlines.