In 2019, St. Petersburg for the first time hosts the RS:X Youth World Championship from 4th to 11th August. This event will pave the way for St.Petersburg to bid for Olympic Classes' worlds and Summer Olympics.

The competition will be attended by over 150 top RS:X Olympic class athletes from around the world. Besides the world championship races an extensive shore program is developed. Guests will be able to watch both amateur and professional kite and sailing boarders' shows.

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In 2019 for the first time St. Petersburg was granted hosting rights for the RS:X Youth World championship and this event promises to be really great. The racing venue of the Youth Worlds will be Park of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg that is a new complex founded to commemorate this anniversary. The Park is located on the northern shore of the Gulf.
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During the youth worlds the city sport festival will take place. It is expected to be a great venue for all citizens and guests where everybody will find something of interest.
We welcome everybody to join the charity race. All skill levels are eligible. The race will be held on August 9th-10th in the Park of Saint-Petersburg 300 anniversary.
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